Friday April 19, 2019

Fellowship of Fortuna Is...

The Fellowship of Fortuna is many, many things.

Fearful of our future? Despair no more. Our talisman will enhance and enlarge your Luck. For free and a S.A.S.E! Sew this gorgeous woven label onto your favorite article of clothing. Staple it to your steering wheel or tattoo it on your chest.
Within seven days, you will experience three distinct sensations.  1) You will feel the euphoria of finding great Beauty, 2) You will laugh as easily as a five year old, and 3)  Read More

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One video says it all. Let the sunshine in. For a larger view, Read More

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In celebration of the exciting and very timely show “Open For Business” curated by John Spiak at ASU, we offer a free life-affirming screensaver. Part of artist Wendy Furman’s exhibition, the Fellowship of Fortuna is proud to rub shoulders with the great Seth Kaufman, the brilliant Susan Silton, Mark Dean Vaca (now up at Western Project), Karen Atkinson, Joost Van Oss,  Jon Haddock, Christiane Robbins, Gordy Grundy and LA’s  Habib Kheradyar Zamani. Click Here for this good looking screensaver.

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The Fellowship of Fortuna is a bonfire at midnight. Lanterns. Good friends. Slow tom-toms. The snare of a drum. A toast to “Luck and Life.” The Fellowship of Fortuna is a State of Mind.

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Lucky Fortuna Daily

Welcome to Fortuna Daily. We want to be your homepage, a touchstone. We’re a bright spot for these soddy times. We’ve got a carnival of fresh ideas, a few laughs and many sweet diversions. We are aiming for the new Age of Aquarius, the Modern Era of Marvel and the Revolution of Reason.

On your left, the Links of the World offers a master control panel to the best on the internet. You will find the fastest news around the world for sports, gossip and entertainment. Read More

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“When we look at Life, in the same way we should look at Fine Art and Nature, with attention to detail and focus and patience and acceptance, great things start to happen.”
— The Fellowship of Fortuna

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