Friday April 19, 2019

Fortuna Lit

Reading packs a double punch. We learn something and have a great time doing it.

“Fabricator to the Stars: Jack Brogan to the Finish”

The dust has begun to settle on the glory of the Getty’s Pacific Standard Time. Southern California art is now canon. The pioneering artists have been named, recorded and celebrated. One of the most curious aspects of the grand exhibition was a rustle of its theatrical curtain, parting for just one silver moment to reveal the silhouette of a solitary tall man, a cowboy with his thumbs hooked into his dungarees. His name has been known only to those with access to the artist’s studio or the inner sanctum of a gallery and museum. Jack Brogan is… CLICK HERE to read the article.

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Emperor MukClick Here to go to the wild new Chapter.

“…Muk, Blu and Pedro had achieved a heightened state of Relaxed. Prone was the position. Listening to music took all the strength they could summon….”

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Some of us recognize Sam Shepard as an actor. Some of us know him as a complicated and adventurous playwright. Even fewer have read his prose. The New Yorker has published a brilliant short story of great depth and sentiment. It is an amazing example of his talent as well as a great read. Read More

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