You Are What You Drink

You Are What You Drink:

An Advisory from the Ministry of Mother Nature of the Fellowship of Fortuna

At the Fellowship of Fortuna, we like to bend our elbow. The general consensus swings with W.C. Fields who had a disdain for water, stating “I don’t drink water. Fish (make love) in it.”

Our recent study suggests that WATER has many necessary and healthful benefits.


The human body is composed of approximately sixty (60) percent water.

The majority of Americans are dehydrated. It is common in our go-go lifestyles. You cannot text and drink at the same time.

Drinking properly is secondary to what you ingest. Water may not be as much fun as wine, but it is better for you.

Drink before you eat. It is easy to confuse the need for hydration and the urge for a cheeseburger. This is a helpful tip for the dieter: Drink before you eat.

Your ability to concentrate is affected by your hydration. Drink up, stay alert and think more clearly.

Hydration affects your musculature and skeletal system. More water = Less pain.

Your metabolism (your chemical system) is affected by your hydration. If your radiator is empty, the car will overheat. So will you.

Tired? Drink up. Daytime fatigue is most often caused by dehydration.

Water helps wash away cancers. Ask any plumber. If the sewer system is not flowing freely, the toilet backs up and nasty things happen. The same is true for your body.

Typically, eight to ten glasses of water a day are recommended for the average adult, based upon your size and weight.

This has been a Public Service Announcement from the Ministry of Health of the Fellowship of Fortuna.


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