Luck: You Work It. It Works You.

We get letters:

“This is great! I now understand the nature of Fortuna and luck. I met my friend Gordy Grundy late in 2009, in an Echo Park coffee haus and I shared with him how bad my job situation was. The bad economy had left me desperately struggling like many other artists, writers and filmmakers in my friendly California surrounding. He held out three coins, sculpted with four leaf clovers. He kept one and gave me two. He said that I should keep one for myself and give one away.

I found that very sweet of him but didn’t expect anything big in my situation. I gave away one of the coin and kept the other.

A few weeks later I became busier than ever! The economy hasn’t changed much but my work situation has, and this is still going on!

I found the coin again recently deep in my bag and I remembered the whole thing. It really worked!!!

I am so happy, and grateful. I remembered who I had given the other coin to – and amazingly that is someone whose business is booming right now!

I don’t think that the coins had a special power. Maybe they did, or maybe it just reminded me to think of joy. Thank you, mystic Fortuna coins!”


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