by Art Arduous




            Within forty-five minutes, they were in the Jacuzzi, surrounded by a glowing forest of Tiki torches. The music was slow, seductive and tropical. It was a warm night. Steam lifted off the waters. Muk wore his sarong. Pedro wore nothing. Neither did Blu, except for the large emeralds that hung from her ears and the necklace that sparkled around her slender neck. The dogs were playing on the deck. Nora stayed close to Blu. Maybe the dog was jealous and wanted to keep her paws on the bling.

Blu had a huge smile on her face. A bubbling waterline played hide and seek with her nipples. The dancing firelight off the water caressed her long neck and thin shoulders. She looked like a million bucks and she felt like it too. Sometimes, Life really could be a glossy Vanity Fair ad, even for just a few sweet moments.


            Muk was smoking a fat one. Everyone had a cocktail, except for the dogs. Exhausted, everyone was lost to his or her own thoughts and ideas and memories of the adventure. Muk was laughing to himself. That dog! He loved that little dog.


Pedro was revving at a fast RPM. He was thinking too fast. "So!?" escaped his mouth but the rest of his question was drowned by a million more.

            "So!" exclaimed Muk. He gazed at Blu, "You look radiant. Transcendent."

            She smiled and looked away. Blu is easy to shy. The light of the Tiki torches gave her a fiery red halo.

            "So!" said Muk, smiling. It hung in the air forever.


            "So," asked Pedro, "What does all this mean? What do we do?"

            "It just goes to show ya. A little kindness goes a long way."

            "Yeah," sighed Blu. She was absently fingering the large stones of the necklace.

            "If you think it's the maid," stated Pedro. "...Maybe Bobby did it."

            "Out of love," suggested Blu.

            "Eh. I wonder how much love is worth to Bobby."

            "You never know and we'll always be surprised." After a moment, Muk sailed, "Ain't life funny? People, seeds, ideas. You never know what they'll grow into. Life really is wild."

            Blu reached over and took the joint from his fingers and inhaled deeply. Whatever he was smoking, thinking and feeling, she wanted some of it.


            "So what are we gonna do?" Pedro revved.

"Well, this proves that Ali didn't steal the necklace. She's already free on bail. Paid for by someone, we don't know who... Maybe she's got help. And resources. Maybe she's got nothing. We can try and help get her charge, charges dropped. We now have the evidence to do that. Tricky Vicki might help. I guess the question to that question is when do we give the twenty million dollar jewels back?"

"Yeah. And who gave us the loot?"

"I'd like to thank them," said Blu. She asked Muk, playing it straight, "Can't I keep 'em? Huh? Please, baby, Please?


Muk laughed. "Yeah. But you'll have to share them with Nora. She gets to wear 'em every other weekend. Don't look at me like that. She's the one who found 'em."

The dog heard her name and she trotted over to Muk. "So, who gave them to Nora? Ali did spend some time at the compound when she dated Bobby. Did the maid like Ali?" asked Muk.

Blu replied, "Yeah. I guess. We sorta talked about Ali."

Pedro wanted solutions. "Bobby. The butler. Hugo. Cosima." Pedro liked that idea. "Maybe Bobby snatched the jewels, fingered Ali but Cosima found out and..." Pedro let the angle run out of gas.

"I bet the maid thought she was doing us and Ali a favor. If it was the maid." After a pause, Muk continued, "So, we have a party to go to. And think about. And plan. And scheme."

Pedro ventured, "Maybe there's a reward for the jewelry?"

"Nice thinking. There may be! The insurance company would be, should be grateful."


The bubbles of the Jacuzzi seemed to gurgle louder. The Tiki Torches burned brighter. Muk splashed out of the warm waters. He reached down and rubbed Nora on her head, "You lucky little honey. God bless my baby," He looked up, "Anybody want another cocktail?"



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