by Art Arduous



The view from Silver Rio was not perfect. Today, there was a little fog along the coast, but you could see Catalina Island as clear as a bell will chime. It looked so close, you wanted to reach out and touch it. Muk was half-asleep in a chaise, hacking a path through the jungle of a fairly pleasant hangover. A joint and a Greyhound had helped him along.

Blu and Pedro were hunched over a round table, throwing and counting dice. They were playing a loud and passionate game of Lucky Muk. Pedro was keeping the score. The five dice came in a sterling silver vial that Muk had designed and made. Emperor Muk McKaylee

Tricky Vicki was in the pool with Jack her three year old and Allie age four. The two wire haired Fox Terriers were bobbing like buoys and dog paddling around the shrieking kids. All of the splashing and kicking was creating an exploding cascade of bright and silver diamonds bouncing off the water.

A cell phone rang.

Blu pulled it from the back pocket of her cutoffs and answered, "Studio?" She got up and handed the phone to Muk. "It's Will. He sounds... shrill."

"Muk, here," said the artist into the phone. He listened for quite awhile. "I am very sorry to hear that... Yah, later."

Muk punched the phone off. Very slowly, he fell back onto the chaise. Even the kids in the warm pool caught the chilly vibe and screamed a little quieter. As the other shoe was dropping, Muk McKaylee announced flatly, "The sandy Sheik of Araby has just purchased Rancho Silver Rio." Muk closed his eyes behind the dark sunglasses. "Despite what-they-believe is heavy fire damage, the sheik agrees to the sale." He spoke in a bored monotone that grew with passion and ferocity. "The Sheik does not care about the damage, for he feels this ugly property is a tear down anyway. That is what he intends to do. Tear it down and build a modern mansion that will inevitably look like a goddamned Kardashian idea of a hotel! This is an assault to our way of Life, our aesthetic and our lifestyle." Behind Muk, the stately Silver Rio swept up the hill, nestled in palm trees, hibiscus and Birds of Paradise, crowned with a red tiled bell tower. Muk's voice rose, "We cannot and we will not let this happen."




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All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real
persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.







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