Ali BeeDee lived in an old apartment building in the flats of K-Town. The Twenties duplex gave her space, good light and ingeniously built-in cabinets. Koreatown gave her reasonable rent. She and Shelia Westwater were snacking on salami, cheese and hummus while bemoaning their day. A glass of wine helped sweeten their commiseration. Ali had been harassed and threatened by lawyers all morning. Normally, she could shrug anything off with ease, but this time it was hard to be blithe.


Looking at Ali, one saw a smilingly energetic all-American girl-next-door. It would be hard to reconcile this fresh face with rosy cheeks facedown in a toilet. Or with the smeared mascara, wild eyes, wilder hair and a bleeding leg in a tabloid photo. It was her voice that hinted of trouble. It was wild, deep, loud and raspy. When she laughed, the room heard it. When she had a real strong opinion, the room might be best to clear out.


The girls were standing in the kitchen, dressed for the occasion. Both wore colorful bed sheets and scarves fashioned into Indian saris. Jewelry bangle'd and chimed every time they moved. Neither knew what to expect, but both had a vague idea. In certain circles, the myth of Pandor was very real and without any fact, like a distant memory of hazy good times long ago.

Muk's elaborately painted Gift Certificate was open on the counter. For a Journey Through the Time and Space of the Universe of You. A Voyage for Two. Officiated by Your Host Prince Pandor.


The doorbell rang. Shelia popped to her toes and clapped her hands.

"Prince Pandor is here!"

"This is better than a pedicure!"

"A massage for the soul!"

"Better than a hustler!"


The girls laughed and ran through the brightly lit living room, to the front door.


The first to enter was a young dark-skinned Indian boy carrying a small covered silver platter. He was wearing a traditional dhoti, elaborately embroidered, and a kurta turban. Blu was unrecognizable as a servant boy.

"Namaste, Ladies," she said with a heavy accent in a light voice, "if you may please direct me to the kitchen, appreciative I would be." Blu bowed.

"Down the hall to the right," pointed Ali, delighted at the pageantry.

Blu was followed by Pedro who looked like he stepped off the set of a 1940's sword and sandal epic. His head was bald and tattooed. His almond eyes lashed up at the corners. Two daggers were crossed in a crimson sash. His shirt, or lack of it, was opened to the waist. Pedro carried a large domed silver platter. He too bowed formally and entered. Ali made a purring sound.



The girls were expectant, waiting for Pandor. Just as they started to lean forward, to look outside, Prince Pandor bounced through the door, surprising them. Shelia's face pinched with puzzlement. She was expecting Muk but was fascinated by the olive skinned Pandor. It was Muk, but she really saw someone else. A thin pencil moustache topped his lip. His nose was wider and his shoulders seemed smaller. He was a dashing Indian prince.

"Ladies, peace be with you," Pandor held his hands together in supplication. His accent indicated an English boarding school education. "Now which one of you is Miss Shelia?"

"I am."

"Very good. Very lucky. As you know, a great gift has been bestowed upon you. A great and wonderful gift..." Pandor gave his old friend a secret wink as he turned to Ali, "...And to your gracious and most beautiful friend. And you are, Miss...?"

"Miss Ali Ba-ba," said BeeDee with a singsong Indian flourish. It made Muk smile.

"Very good. Ladies, I am Prince Pandor, at your service. I shall be your guide to another world, your Master of Discovery and your host to a greater realization of Self. This evening has been destined for you." The gift recipients clapped and giggled. "Please, follow me and we shall begin our journey."

Along the way, Prince Pandor made a quick inspection of the living room. Ali and Shelia followed him into the kitchen. Palace guard Pedro and servant boy Blu were waiting at attention. Pandor asked Ali, "And where is your bedroom?"

"Down the hall, on the left."

"Very good. We shall place you there. And we will rest Shelia in the living room."

Prince Pandor waved his fingers. Blu and Pedro followed the instruction. Each grabbed a canvas bag, bowed then sprinted from the room.


"We have several wonderful treasures for you this evening. All jewels and pearls."

"Doctor, I'm so excited!" trilled Ali.

"Ah, mademoiselle, I am not a doctor. I am, but a humble philosopher, a scout, a seeker and a shaman."

"Doctor, my ass. Doctor Feelgood!" They all laughed.

"That I am. That I am... And so you shall feel! Please, let me take you there..."

Shelia chimed in. "After Ali's bad day, she could use a little love."

Prince Pandor courted, "Ah! Mademoiselle! Has Fortune conspired against you?"

Ali rolled her eyes and fled to the refrigerator to pour a glass of wine.

Shelia explained, "She got served this morning."

"Served with papers! Not breakfast!" howled Ali.

Shelia continued, "Some lawyers are trying to sue Ali for a lot of money. They say she didn't return some jewelry."

Ali waved it away and brushed her long thick curly hair out of her face. "I used to date an asshole liar mutherfukker. And, like, now, of course, he's suing me." Muk was very, very interested. "Broke-ass me! Unbelievable!"

Pandor was soothing and slow. "Ah! Miss Ali. We shall give you a few hours of escape from your troubles. I hope we shall create a better perspective on your turmoil."

Ali raised her wine glass, "Amen, Padre Pandor!"


Muk was developing an affection for Ali. There was something vibrant about her, something unapologetically natural and raw and free.

Pedro slid silently into the kitchen and nodded to the Prince. Six heartbeats later, so did Blu. The show was ready to begin.


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