“Not A Repeat In The Bunch…”

“Harold And Maude” is a comic and philosophical gem, written by Colin Higgins and directed by Hal Ashby (1971).

Maude and Harold are walking down a row of flowers in a large field.

They grow and bloom, and fade, and
die, and some change into something
else. Ah, life!

[They stop by some flowers.]

I should like to change into a
sunflower most of all. They are
so tall and simple. And you,
Harold, what flower would you
like to be?

I don’t know. Just one of those.
(He gestures absently)

(a little perturbed)
Why do you say that?

Because they are all the same.

Oooh, but they are not. Look.

They bend down to see some close ones.

See – some are smaller, some are
fatter, some grow to the left,
some to the right, some even have
some petals missing – all kinds
of observable differences, and we
haven’t even touched the bio-
chemical. You see, Harold, they’re
like the Japanese. At first you
think they all look alike, but
after you get to know them you see
there is not a repeat in the bunch.
Each person is different, never
existed before and never to exist
again. Just like this daisy -
(she picks it)
- an individual.

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