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DAN PIRARO is an American treasure. His website offers proof. Should you require further evidence, this short documentary shall conclude the argument. By the way, who picks the Kennedy Center Honors?

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Your Comments:

  1. Now that I’ve been declared an “American treasure” and recommended for a Kennedy Center Honor, I know I’ve made it. Thanks, I am humbled.

  2. Dan is a comic genius and has a knack for communicating the jokes thru brilliantly executed comic strips. He is indeed a national treasure!

  3. Love this guy.

  4. Of course he’s a national treasure! Many of us have known this for years.,

  5. Congrats to Dan! He is indeed a national treasure! He has a great sense of humor and knows how to use it!

  6. Dan Piraro may be an American treasure (he is), but I am ferociously jealous of anybody who can be funnier than I.


  7. Dan Piraro is the coolest.

  8. Big deal. It ain’t teh Academy Award!

  9. We love Dan! Bravo!

  10. It’s nice to see Dan get the recognition he deserves!!!

  11. ps: to the commenter called “Withheld U. Ponrequest ” – is that you Stephan Pastis???? ;-)

  12. Benjamin Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Mark Twain, Martin Luther King, Steve Martin, Cesar Chavez, Dan Piraro, national treasures all!

  13. you deserve it!

  14. Congratulations Dan on your nomination for the Kennedy Center Honour – well deserved !

  15. Too bad this isn’t American Idol so your fans could vote you as the winner.

  16. An american treasure indeed! A true talent that needs to be recognized. His dedication to his fans is unmatched.