The Rhythm Of The World

The Rhythm Of The World

By Drew Kampion

We are surrounded and influenced everywhere by waves. From the radiations of light and color, to the sounds that vibrate through our atmosphere, to the cycles of the tides, and of night and day, and of the movements of our lives – it seems that everything comes in waves, or as cycles moving within waves.

Clearly, wave action is the fundamental way in which energy is transported and transmitted in this world. Waves are an expression of the universal rhythm that orchestrates and propels all creation and the development of life on earth. Perhaps this is why the contemplation and study of ocean waves is so attractive, so compelling.


From “ The Book of Waves” by Drew Kampion

DREW KAMPION is the author of “The Art of Christian Riese Lassen” and ”Stoked: A History of Surf Culture”, the number-one selling book on the history of surf. He is a regular contributor to The Surfer’s Journal, Adrenalin, Longboard, and many other magazines. His website features some of his abundant and thoughtful work.

Artist Raymond Pettibone, Courtesy of Regan Projects

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