What is the Fellowship of Fortuna?

What else would you expect from Southern California? We’re the new Age of Aquarius, the Modern Era of Marvel and the Revolution of Reason. The Fellowship of Fortuna is a great excuse to stand around a bonfire at midnight and raise a toast to “Luck and Life!”

Life is a rough piece of business. Like the tides, Fortune swings both good and bad. Survival and success in life is to take the hard knocks with triumph and the glories with grace.

Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present the Fellowship of Fortuna.

Lucky Fortuna Daily is our new media site.  We want to be your bright spot in these soddy times. We present a carnival of fresh ideas, a few laughs and many sweet diversions.

Our Links of the World offers a master control panel to the best on the internet. You will find the fastest news around the world for sports, gossip and entertainment… We may inspire you. Our Prayer for the Living, Your Fortuna Cookie or Miracle-A-Minute will give you a pause for reflection. The Joke Of the Day will make you laugh. The Way Of The Waterman is a special column highlighting the beauties of nature and all that we can learn from it. The Legion of Cinema Arts (LOCA: We’re crazy for film) delivers the best of film and entertainment. Our resources are extensive.

Think of the Fellowship of Fortuna as your own private country club. It’s a state of mind.